Welcome to the Laboratory Medicine Wikipedia!

This wiki is being developed for the laboratory medicine courses taught to second year pharmacy and medical students at the University of California San Diego, but is relevant to laboratory medicine in general. This wiki was developed using the course syllabi from SPPS 216 (Lab Medicine for Pharmacy students) and SOM 216 (Lab Medicine for Medical Students). The syllabi from these two courses have benefited from the input of many practicing laboratory professionals over the years and serves as a very useful distillation of clinically relevant material related to laboratory medicine.

The goal of this wiki is to serve as a reference for laboratory medicine in general and clinical chemistry in particular. It is my hope that contributions of those knowledgeable in the field will post suggestions for improving the content. Laboratorians as well as students are encouraged to post information to the wiki, which will be considered for inclusion.

This project is supported by a UCSD School of Medicine Educational Development Grant.

All the best,

Robert L. Fitzgerald, PhD, DABCC
Professor of Pathology UCSD

NOTE TO UCSD STUDENTS: It should be noted by students of SPPS 216 and SOM 216 that this wiki is for informational purposes only. The published Course manual is what contains the official class material.

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